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Go GREEN with the WHITE drink


Hi Everyone!


Before to start on a very important topic to me …
I’d love to thank All of You who
read, liked and shared
my first article on this Blog,
last month!

The affection of the people
around us and what we do
is precious
to live a fulfilled life!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The first week of October, here in Italy,
we celebrated The Word Breastfeeding Week!

So I’ve decided to dedicate
this month’s post to
the greenest way
to grow up our children
to have a healthy new generation of adults;
to save a great amount of money
yet to feel in tune with Nature.

… to name a few terrific aspects of


Let’s talk about this
nectar of the gods:
mother’s milk,

produced in the temple of love:
a woman body.

It is available 24 hours/day.
It is always at the ideal temperature.
It is ready to use as it is.
It is sterile.
It is free of charge
yet its value is priceless.

It strenghtens a baby’s immune system.
It’s rich in water, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.
It’s unique, inimitable, species specific.
It offers affection, warmth and security
yet an amazing way to continue
the bonding between mother&child
that started in the womb.

It changes from the childbirth towards the next months
and also according to the time of the day
to meet the baby’s needs.

It is a LIVE tissue
that every mother has got especially for her own child.

Breastfeeding is a Universal gesture of Love
we can do it
in any culture.


When a baby is born
the top choice to feed him
is throught his mom’s breasts.

When this is not possible,
his mother’s milk comes
squeezed by a breast pump
and preferibly given with a little spoon.

Then comes another mother’s milk.

Finally there is the formula.

Nature has given us everything we need
to successfully keep alive
we all Humans.

Everything we need
is within us.

And for all the people
who care about the health
of the Planet
this is indeed
the greenest way to go
… even if the drink is white!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Breastfeeding is a choice,
apart from all that said above.

There are women who, for different reasons
to feed their babies with a bottle.

The keyword is:

It is vital to inform
in order to have
aware and happy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is my
Simple, Quick
Fun and Cheap
contribution for October!

I wish everyone
a lovely month ahead,
enjoying the warm colors
of the Nature outdoor
and the warmth
of Your beloved indoor!

Peace on Earth
and in
All Our Hearts