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Back to (Home)School

Hello Folks!

This is the first time I post on this Blog,
so I’ll introduce myself to all of You!


I am a mother.
I’m Italian.
I’m a multi passionate entrepreneur.

I run a few shops on Etsy where I use recycled materials to make some of my items.
That’s why I am a member of Recycled Party Team.

Oh … I also enjoy writing!
I think it is fun to connect with other green artisans and talk about ecofriendly ideas.

So here I am!
My articles will arrive once a month, around the 15th.

All right, said all this … I am ready to start!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

September comes
with its scent of coloured pencils,
printed papers and new notebooks

This year I decide to home school my children
and begin a great adventure into the World of Knowledge!


Either ways we choose the school system
or the parental education,
we deal with “school stuff”.

As an upcycling mother and artist
I show here something useful
that we can find and create at home
to substitute drawing, writing, cutting …
learning material!

I start with the simplest way to
re-utilize …
yet cheap and easy to prepare.

All we need is:
a pair of scissors and …
some boxes


Ok, ready?
Let’s open the cupboards’ doors
and have a curious look inside.

I guess we’ve got quite a lot of boxes
as wrapping of biscuits, rise, crackers,
cereals, chocolate powder, instant coffee …

1) Grab them!
2) Empty them (use glass or recycled plastic containers to store the contents);
3) Open them – cutting along one side;
4) Refine and round the edges in order to end
with a square or rectangular shape;
5) This is it!

We’ve just made a plain cardboard
ready to use!

Draw, write, cut shapes, numbers, letters …
any school project that will inspire You
or come to Your mind.

We can also suggest them to teachers
as a great way to save money on paper
and recycle it.

Simple, Quick
Fun & Cheap!

how do I use them?

Here’s my sweetest way:


I love to give the plain cardboards to my children
and see what they draw with markers or wax crayons.

When they finish, I ask them to explain
their “work of art”
so that we can decide a title for the boards.

As soon as I’ve got a moment:
~ I gather some of them;
~ write date, title & author on one corner;
~ store them in a big box or drawer…
and leave them all there
to let the magic happen!

It is wonderful to open the container
months later or even once a year,
for example on Christmas day,
look at them together
and see how our children have gown up
through their creative expression!


Well, that’s all for this month’s post.
Hope I’ve pleased You!
See You in October for another green adventure!

Peace on Earth
and in
All Our Hearts!